How social media is influencing packaging design

Social media influences all aspects of our lives. And as surprising as it may sound, the world of social media makes its mark on packaging design too. Here are a few examples.

Social media offers immediate customer feedback

Is your packaging design attention-getting and brand-appropriate? Or is it confusing and hard to manage? Thanks to social media, you can get immediate feedback from your customers about how well your packaging design is working. It’s also an ideal place to get preliminary feedback from current and potential customers before you implement new designs.

Social media keeps you up to date on trends

We’re all familiar with social media trends. But when it comes to packaging design, these trends can make all the difference. After all, not all trends are superficial – for example, the recent focus on sustainability has led to a drastic shift in the amount and type of materials used in packaging, as well as some interesting new designs. Look to social media to see what’s trending, and why.

Social media may influence packaging form

Most social media outlets are visual, and rely on eye-catching imagery to stand out from the crowd. Does your packaging design translate well from the shelf to an Instagram post? Would its colors translate well on a phone screen? Is your packaging’s branding immediately recognizable to those swiping through their feeds? These are just a few ways that packaging is being influenced by social media’s visual aspect.

Social media helps packaging designers improve

Whether it’s through portfolio sites like Behance or Dribbble, or other social media channels, packaging design inspiration – and missteps – are everywhere. There are loads of new packaging ideas and discussions floating around, and these are all valuable learning opportunities for designers. The immediacy of social media means that packaging designers can more effectively iterate and improve, to the benefit of their clients.